Learning about the Shroud

We attended World Youth Day (August 2023) to share the message of the Holy Shroud, an ancient linen cloth with a graphic depiction of a scourged and crucified man. The wounds of the Man of the Shroud mirror the Biblical narrative of the life, suffering, death, burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Educating the Youth at World Youth Day About 'The Holy Shroud'

Nora Creech shares her experiences at World Youth Day with Dr, Cheryl White and Father Andrew Dalton, LC 

What Is the Shroud of Turin?

Facts and History Everyone Should Know

By Myra Adams | Russ Breault

The Shroud of Turin

Father Andrew Dalton, LC connecting scientific insights to the Gospel message

Who Is The Man Of The Shroud? 

Dr. Cheryl White and Father Peter B Mangum, JC explore the mysteries of the Shroud of Turin

The Shroud as a Mirror of The Gospels

A meditation on the Wounds of Christ as reflected on the Shroud By Father Peter B. Mangum, JC